Antenna Design

Antenna Types
We design many kind of antennas , Besides the well known patch (array) antenna, we design other antennas like "PCB slot antennas" "slot yagi" and "pin yagi" types for short range applications. Applications sometimes demand specialized fieldpattern, beam steering and other, customer-specific characteristics.

Many years of experience in designing planar microstrip antennas lead to efficient and reliable results. All antennas of our radar modules are developed by RFbeam. 

We design patch-, slot- and other antenna types on different PCB materials. So we can assure the optimal solution for your needs - from lowcost to highend.



RF & MW Design
Foundry Offering

The United Monolithic Semiconductors foundry delivers a range of processes and services that bring value and benefit to clients. State-of-the-art systems, design kits, and scaleable reliable models, support the design and production of high performance Gallium Arsenide MMICs. 

In support of foundry services, training and mentoring is available from our highly experienced professionals, who have depth and breadth of experience in the design and application of GaAs technology in successful Defence, Aerospace, Telecoms and Industrial solutions.

Foundry Services

The core foundry service includes:
- design kit and design manuals
- layout verification, Critical Foundry Design Review
- wafer fabrication (2 wafers for prototype run)
- wafer delivery in GelPak ® boxes or diced on UV-film

Optional extended services offer clients an end-to-end one stop procurement:
- training courses and technical consultancy
- on-wafer testing 
- wafer dicing and die sorting
- full delivery of tested and visually inspected chips conforming to required standards 
- dispatch in GelPak ® boxes

The Benefits

It is widely recognised that ASICs give the freedom to balance functionality and performance to create an ideal solution. Efficiencies and cost reductions can be gained from:
- functional integration on a single die
- reduced component count
- improved power management

Foundry ASICS offer significant strategic benefits helping organisations: create and protect IPR; win and maintain competitive advantage; and simplify inventory and lifecycle management. 
However, additional advantages can be gained from working with the UMS foundry to develop ASICs using leading edge gallium arsenide technologies:
- access to a wide range of processes
- support from experience staff who have developed many successful standard products
- reduced time to market
- quality and reliability 
- financial stability from the backing of our parent organisations Thales and EADS Deutschland GmbH


Microwavefilters Design

Microwavefilters has been operating in the telecommunications field for over 30 years
Our proved experience and know-how in manufacturing of components for RF and microwave applications over a complete series of frequencies (from 10 MHz up to 80 GHz) allows us to meet the market's demand with a wide, constantly extended and improved range of passive components.

Our product range includes bandpass, lowpass, highpass and bandstop filters and diplexers in waveguide, combline, cavity, interdigital and metal insert technology. Many types of couplers, tapers, adapters, flanges, housings and cold plates for RF bridges, coaxial connectors, coaxial adaptors, terminations and power dividers, cables and cable assemblies are also present in our product portfolio.

Our R&D department is at customers' disposal, in order to provide tailor-made engineering solutions and rapid manufacturing of prototypes, offering also electric testing, project consulting and problem solving 


 MEMS Switch Design

Our RF MEMS switches and assemblies are suitable for many government and commercial applications, including radar, telecommunication, phase shifters, satellite, Automatic Test Equipment, wireless LAN, and many other applications.

Proven Life Cycle Reliability
The MEMS electrostatically actuated micro switches have ademonstrated life of 1.5 trillion switching cycles. Industry-leading reliability now makes RF MEMS switches an attractive alternative to other mechanical and solid state switches.

Less Costly Packaging
Unlike costly custom packaging or ceramic packages, a Radant MEMS switch has its own wafer level package, which reduces costs and complexity and increases reliability of customer systems.

RF Over  Fiber Products


We offer a range of RF over Fiber products which have been designed to be compact and offer excellent value for money. We offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications – Include dual redundant power supplies.

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