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TRUST ELECTRONICS LTD. is a large Supplier of RFID Hardware with many years of experience. Located in YEHUDE, Israel. TRUST is a high tech company, serving many markets. Products supply by us exist in number of applications. Our expertise: RFID Tags and labels, Smartcards, Readers and Application system solutions. (Laundry, Smart house access control, Security, Fuel system  ...)R&D activities are another strategic priority of TRUST: We keep close relations with major Semiconductor MFG Brand and RFID Design house and can give the best solution to our customer. 

, price tag, smart wrist-strap, screw tag, laundry tag ,public transportation ticket and tokens, cable binder tags, NFC tagsart card, smart label, ISO card, clamshell card, various tags including the ABS key tag, PVC key tag, wrist band, ABS disc tag, PVC disc tag,HF smart label, UHF smart label, UHF hard tags, poultry ring tag, epoxy tag, epoxy rod, metal mount tag


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43 Ha'Azmaut St. P.O.
Box 2800 Yehud 56302 Israel

Phone: 972-3-6322566
Fax: 972-3-6322644


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