Component eng. Services

Our discipline primarily used to ensure the availability of suitable components required to manufacture a larger product.
We qualify, approve document, and manage purchased components and direct material required to produce an end product. We analyze and qualify interchangeable parts  from sources vendors outside their organization. also involves product lifecycle management.
We alert when a component is going to be obsolete or to analyse the form–fit–functionality changes in the component.


ASIC's Design Services

Our services include the industrialisation of third party designs or alternatively the possibility to benefit from its walk-in design facility partners, offering optimal design tool flow. Further services include high description circuit definition down to mask pattern generation. Several technology options are available to meet low voltage, low power ASIC design targets:

We offers platform independent, high-quality, turnkey ASICs to customers that require IP protection and life-long product support.
We  combines and experience of the talents for every phase of the development of a customized IC and its subsequent industrialization. The long-standing design experience, access to extensive libraries and state-of-the-art technologies are made available for expedient developments of cost effective, full custom mixed-mode arrays or ASIC solutions.



Electro-Optical  design services

Our innovative leading Optical Design House and solutions provider offering 
system-level design services and products for consumer, industrial, medical,telecommunications and other markets. We provide sustained support in all design phases, from proof of concept for new emerging applications, feasibility study, research,complete system/product design, hardware/software system integration, prototyping, OEM supply and manufacturing services to our customer base to accelerate product development and time to market. Every new design includes pre-set milestones that control and monitor the design process.
We have expertise with proven track experience in optics. We cooperate with world-class manufactures to support your production planOur development capabilities and Core Competencies include:

Unique optimization procedures

Mechanical design

Electronic design

Manufacturing analysis: tolerance, thermal, stray light

Design towards manufacturing: prototypes and mass production

Optical design

Proven track experience

wide field of view, F-theta designs

Focal and Afocal systems

Relay lenses, Endescopes, Periscopes, Riflescopes

Laser optics

Fixed focus, auto-focus and zoom lenses

Illumination systems design

Eyepieces, magnifiers and Head Up/Mounted Displays

Telephoto, microscopes objectives

Micro-optics design

Optical filters design

For more info please contact:
Mr.  Naftali  Meisler

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